MASI Mobile App

MASI is happy to announce its mobile app which will keep its members up to date with all MASI events, program schedules and live streaming of its programs (both audio and video).

To download the Mobile App:

On Apple iOS (iphone users): Open the website in Safari by clicking the following link Click the share button (at the bottom centre), and in options use Save to Home Screen, it will download the app to your iphone. You are ready to use the app.

On Android: Open the website in Chrome by clicking the following link It will pop up with an option Save to Home Screen use this and the app will be downloaded to your phone ready for use. Make sure to also allow for push notifications on your mobile.

To keep up to date – allow notifications on your mobile and desktop devices and you will receive push notifications from MASI.

In these unprecedented COVID pandemic driven times of today, these are some baby steps that MASI has taken for getting the community together and keeping in touch with each other. While this is just the beginning of the new normal,  MASI would be keen & happy to receive feedback and suggestions on both the website and the app. Please send them through using the following link.

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