First Marathi Film in Australia

Motivational yet light humour touch. It’s 1 hour 25 minutes full film length movie.

Whether someone is in their age of 30s or 40s or 50+ they all will find something for them in this film.

Story of an aspiring film maker. Every small or big film maker or for that matter small business startup will relate to this story.  A simple Marathi guy who is bored with his routine for years, wants to do something in life. He is self proclaimed good critic. He gets an idea of making films and decides to make one. 

All local talent: Some known Marathi theatre artists, Gujarati, Hindi, Chinese, caucasian. Some actors from Hollywood small screen, some famous back then in Marathi TV series and some fresh talent.

Ashish Sahasrabuddhe : Writer, Director and the producer of this film.

About Ashish: Film making is his passion not as business and hence all his films have some social message and free for all to watch.

Here is the YouTube link-

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