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We had an overwhelming response for registration through MASI and are happy to announce that more than 600 tickets were disbursed through MASI. We render our sincere apologies to those whom we couldn’t allocate tickets due to restricted number of seat allocations.

We at MASI would like to thanks all those who attended this event or followed the live streaming of the reception through MASI website and helped make this event a grand success. MASI website attracted 700+ hits alone in an hour during Shri Narendra Modi’s speech.

We would be happy to have your feedback on this event. Please add your comments this will help us to improve our processes in the future.

Disclaimer: MASI reserves the right to delete and/or un publish unsolicited, controversial comments.

21 thoughts on “PM Visit Feedback

  • Nandu Gangal

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    It was one of the best events I have attended for for years – very well organised. Modiji won the hearts of the audience with his opening statement – calling himself Pradhan sevak, rather than Pradhan Mantri. Well done MASI with tickets organization. Modiji also won the hearts of Australian Parliamentarians with his speech there in Canberra. Finally, it seems our matrubhoomi has got a leader, who can improve the lives of all Indians.

  • Abhay & Shilpa Karle

    A very big thank you to MASI & also to Mandar Marathe ,Radhika Mogarkar. There are not enough words to express our gratitude & thanks for having being given the opportunity to witness & be part of this historical event….

  • Anushka Lad

    Thanks Mandar for arranging the tickets. Appreciate your efforts and your family’s support too. I had called couple of times for tickets and they were very polite and friendly.

    It was wonderful experience. Indian-ness every where.

    Shiv Garjana pulled loads of crowd outside the arena. Also they played pounding and galloping dhol , when Prime Minister arrived. It was just splendid !!

    However, it would have been nice to see a stage performance by Marathi Community. Some kind of stage performance that represents the Marathi community/culture.

    Thanking MASI and Mandar again for providing opportunity to witness the celebration.

  • Arun Ogale

    Thanks to all who were involved in arranging the function and also arranging distribution of tickets. This was an awesome event which went through without a hitch. Although Australia is our कर्मभूमी, we are still attached to our जन्मभूमी and we like to see India improve. PM Narendraji Modi appears to be the right person who has unparalleled devotion and love for the country and he has made commitment to change India.
    It was our pleasure to be present on this occasion and listen to him. We wish him luck in his endeavors.
    Thanks MASI for arranging tickets.
    Arun Ogale

  • radhakrishna dokka

    to all members of the maraaThee community who were able to participate enthusiastically in the community reception; saprem namaskAr and congratulations.
    kudos also to mandAr and his team for a job very well executed regards distributing the limited amount of tickets that were available. we still managed a 1k + presence including masi, sahyadri, shivagarjanA, maraaThee kaTTA and other individuals. that is phenomenal in a crowd of 16k.

    i agree with nehAji, in that, there should have been some maraaThee cultural number on the lovely stage and that would have been extra icing on the cake! ek lAvaNee, kinvA ekhAdA povADaa, kinvA ek koLee nRitya jhAlA astA tarrrrrr……… aaarrrrraaaarrrrraaa

    having seen how mandAr works, i think he eats, drinks, sleeps 6 sigma and lean! 😉
    he shared this knowledge thru the extended members of the ticketing team and made it work efficiently! thanks also to his contribution towards train arrangements. respect!

    shivagarjanA was simply thrilling! ‘arey toDun TAkale ……’ how i wish i could sound the shrill whistle on this post… a most befitting welcome on the stage to our beloved pradhAn sevak! he is an epitome of the word ‘service’ which literally applies to all government jobs and almost all conveniently forget.

    throughout the event, the maraaThee community also conducted itself with superior decency, vigourous enthusiasm, exuberant with life! your very presence gives us reason to be proud of our paramparA and sabhyatA in this our karmabhoomi.

    bhaarat mAjhi devakee ANi Australia mAjhi yashodA…. ANi ApaN sagaLech govindA….. aalaaa re aalaaaa

    indeed an event to be remembered for a long time… where, all from the indian diaspora contributed positively.

    if this event at the allphones arena was just a ‘jhalak’, then watch out world… this force is getting ‘sanghaTit’ again now and ‘ bhaarat ‘ is poised to soon regain it position as the fountainhead of prosperity and world peace!

    love you all!!! namaskaar!

  • belsare anil

    I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart” All-MASI-Office bearers and Mandar Marathe” for the privilege I had to attend the PM Narendra Modi’s Public meeting
    at “ALLPHONES ARENA” at SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK STADIUM yesterday i.e. on 17/11/2014.
    We were very lucky to get 3 entry passes issued on lucky draw basis by the organisers as there was huge demand for the entry passes.(again Thanks to MASI)
    The PM was accorded grand welcome on arrival at the venue along with the thunderous DHOL TASHA played by “SHVA GARJANA PATHAK “Sydney br.
    The 20,000 capacity stadium was overflowing and many more were waiting outside.
    He came, He saw, He talked and He conquered the gathering during his one hour electrifying speech, evoking spontaneous & thunderous response by the spellbound audience.
    His speech was in chaste HINDI and spontaneous and was touching the heart of the public.
    “AMAZING” is very small word to describe this event and the PM.
    I am very fortunate to be present in Sydney and to be able to witness and experience all this excitement in person.
    Just wanted to share my feelings with you-ANIL BELSARE

  • Pradeep Dhavalikar


    Dear Radhika and Mandar @ MASI.
    Thank you very much for partnering the Community Reception of Shri. Narendra Modi.
    It has been wonderful experience to be part of the inspiring event. Pradeep

  • Devdatta Kanade

    I found myself extremely lucky to be a witness to this once in a lifetime opportunity to see & listen to PM Modiji. A very big thanks to MASI to make the tickets available. The distribution system of tickets was very well thought after & hassle free. Once again a very big thank you MASI

  • Saurabh Raste

    Thanks for all the efforts and making the tickets available at the venue. It was a memorable historic event, very rare opportunity to listen the PM’s speech live. Thanks Mandar.

  • Yogesh

    I sincerely thank MASI and Mandar. Without your help, I could have missed this session. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Thanks again,

  • Abhijeet Patole

    Thanks a lot Masi, and Mandar you too for coordinating the ticket distribution and the overall arrangement so well.. in such large scale in short time. Your timely information on MASI radio was usefull. Happy to be associated. Me,also as a Shivgarjana member had an opportunity to welcome our PM in the Arena with our Dhol tasha Group. It was an event I would always remember.

  • Neha Takale

    Hi Mandar

    We’re extremely thankful for your dedication, hard work, time and sincere efforts to make this event happen. Credit goes to you, your family and your ALL team members who were working for last couple of months. Hats Off to you ALL!

    16000 people were singing Jan-Gan-Man under one roof…never experienced such a huge gratitude towards our Mother Land INDIA.

    Only thing was missing Marathi participation on the stage-No marathi song or marathi dance ???
    We have a Marathi School so if the students were given the opportunity to sing a “Sharihi Powada” or “Marathi Abhimaan Geet by Marathi Community” that would have been completed the circle of regional languages.

    We are definitely looking forward to present our language in front of huge Indian Community in near future.

    Again Fantastic team work and presentation through out the show.


    Neha Takale

  • Subhash Jatkar

    Thank you very much Mandar !
    You were so fast and efficient in allocating the cancelled tickets. The whole event has been
    a lifetime memory.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to attend the event.
    Modi is a very inspirational and mesmerizing speaker with a unique knack of engaging and reaching out to the masses with plain speak. The rousing standing ovation when Modi walked in the arena was something to be seen and be part of – it was as if everyone just connected together by a common thread: Modi.
    I truly believe that we are starting a transformation period in India – equal to if not bigger than the 1947 independence.
    Go Modi go.

  • Kedar Bhale

    Dear All,

    We just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to be part of the once in a lifetime event yesterday at the All Phones Arena. We cant express enough our gratitudes for giving us the tickets.

    It was just amazing to experience the Modi magic live; to feel the energy of the crowd, the charisma of Mr. Modi and experience all the cultures under one roof; especially the Nashik Dhol after so many years. It was nothing less than a celebration, a festival or a concert and we could only experience this due to MASI. So thanks a lot again.

    Kind Regards,

    Kedar and Vrishali Bhale.

  • Nitin Gore

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    This will be able to guide us as they have been active in various social programs since 1984 in this area.
    Person: Dr. Wani (

    2) Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh Sanitation

    Even if you make toilets the garbage starts getting dumped in surrounding within few days.
    Please also seek help from below organization:

    Swach Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Pune

    Let us work with action plan with fixed timeframe.

  • Dipak Ingale

    Thanks MASI
    For giving me the
    opportunity to attend
    Narendra Modiji’s speech .
    It was a great Historic

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