Job opportunity – Textile Technicians

Two Textile Technicians wanted in Rutherford, NSW. Two and a half hours from Sydney. Approximately 170 kms. Must be ready to relocate.

Fresh Textile graduates will be considered. Experience of at least five years in Weaving departments with Rapier looms will be extremely helpful.

We have just under 40 rapier looms. 14 out of these are latest Itema 9500. They have been in operation for few years. Other models are Somet Super Excel, Smit, Somet Master SM 93.

The remuneration will depend on experience. Minimum starting wages will be 55K to 60K. Lot of overtime is available. 24 hours operation will commence in few weeks.

Relocation expenses will be considered. The properties for buying and rents are almost 50% of Sydney. Fully developed area with shopping, medical, furniture, take-aways etc. on five minutes radius from the work place.  

We make specialised fabrics and they are sold through our agents located all over the country.

Please send your resume to If you want to speak with me please call 0419676863.

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